Sadie, 2005

Sadie, 2005

Presenting my Sadie-Sades.  She is such a character.  She nestled her head into my neck the first time I held her and we were bound.  As a young pup she had little stuffed animals (squirrelys to her) that she would hide, burying them with pretend dirt in any corner of the room or couch.

She was such an imaginative puppy and our bond grew!

Beach trip 2007

Beach trip 2007

Along her path she outgrew squirrelys and discovered ballys, mini micro balls manufactured by Poof Slinky.  Slinky.  All of her admiration for squirrelys transferred to these soft yet firm rubbery balls.  When she is in the mood for bally she performs a backward two-step each time you say the word.  “Bally?”  Two steps backward with an enthusiastic nubby wag.  “Bally?”  Back she goes, two at a time.  We’ve enjoyed this game throughout her eight years.

micro ball_edited-1

WANTED: Poof-Slinky Mini Micro Balls

Witnessing her joy with these special little toys, I ordered six three-packs. I never imagined that Poof-Slinky would end production of these rubber gems, but that is what I discovered five years later when I opened the last pack and called to reorder more.  Mini micro balls had not been produced for over a year.  The receptionist thought she remembered a big jar of them in the warehouse and kindly asked around, but came up empty.  Enter, the age of bally ration.

SadiewithballThese days she has the last bally for her enjoyment.  I was saving it but decided that was foolish.  We don’t know the number of our days nor our pet’s days so she should enjoy this bally like it is her last day to play!  She skillfully bats bally from paw to paw like a soccer player and especially enjoys the thrill of playing near a piece of furniture where there is a risk of the bally slipping just out of reach in the dark of the crevice.  She likes to drop her bally down the basement steps and I pray that I’ll hear it coming and witness it come to rest, or it may be a goner!

My hope is that one day we will think the ballys are gone forever but one will turn up in a basement purge!

I gladly offer a reward to the person/s able to locate a source of these balls:)


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