imploring eyes

imploring eyes

Yes, dogs experience melancholy.  For days Sadie was moping and looking at me with imploring eyes.  No, I hadn’t seen her precious “bally” in two days.  Her cousins had visited and God forbid one of them had found it and torn it to pieces, but I had not spied any fragments.  Her desire to hide the silly thing in boxes was a possibility and I found myself checking nooks and crannies.  I searched the basement, for it is a super thrill for her to bounce that bally down the steps when I am down there, although she herself has NEVER ventured to the basement in all of her eight years!  Two nights without the bally and I thought we were coming to the end of an era when we would have to buck up and endure her sorrow.

This morning Sadie was laying in the kitchen, her head aimed toward the dishwasher.  She has been known to point us in the direction of bally from time to time, but two days had passed and she had not displayed any behavior indicating that she had any clue to its whereabouts.  When calling to her from the adjoining room she would acknowledge me with a quick glance and then promptly redirect her focus towards the dishwasher.

Could it be that she had located her lost bally?  I retrieved the search and rescue tools and summoned C.  Sure enough, the bally had rolled through a temporary opening along the kick-plate between it and the dishwasher and was lodged at the back wall.  After several attempts to retrieve the bally, I was only able to advance it as far as a water line that was preventing an easy roll out.  I passed the torch to C. and after dismantling the front of the dishwasher, bally was freed at last!!!

search and rescue tools

search and rescue tools

The Hero!

The Hero!



Psalm 37:4
Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.


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One Response to DELIGHT

  1. akeepingroom says:

    Love it! And the lengths we will go to for those we love! Way to go hero and heroine!:)

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