tiramisu2I am not sure why Olive Garden serves a party of two three breadsticks, but it likely involves a hired study of patrons’ eating habits.  Regardless, there are usually more where the first batch came from if you want to just make it an even half a dozen.

But wait!  What am I doing at the Olive Garden?   Why, just earlier I contemplated that C. long ago departed from the giving of “token” gifts and pursued his natural language.  He has become a builder of “love” gifts in the likes of custom cabinetry, a sprawling deck, crisp new wiring, tile work, etc..  So, back to the question of how I found myself to be at the Olive Garden…..

So I says to C., “I totally forgot to plan dinner.”  (In my defense, it’s tax time.)  C. about knocks me backward when he replies, “do you want to go out?”  C. was speaking now my language, and you all know the ending.

ravioli di portobello

the best Tiramisu!!
I am calling this night My Valentine.


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One Response to SURPRISE

  1. lynnaeseeley says:

    Sounds like a great evening. I know you are excited about your kitchen and all the work he is doing, and I am blessed by the “ways” you take care of each other. Glad you had an “olive Garden run”, as Jonny and I called our times there together. I miss my “Rockney runs” runs with Cuckie, but looking forward to our next one. Love you both

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