02 20 13_5423_edited-1I know James Bond drinks an authentic martini, not my foo-foo Godiva white chocolate version, but we both like them shaken, not stirred.  AHH!  We did watch Skyfall last night so I felt a little adventurous today and decided to tackle a c-c-crrr-aft over the next couple days.  If you know me well, you know that I have a creative eye but the practical application does not always come together gracefully.  I will regard J.B. as my inspiration, and proceed with (feigned) confidence that will undoubtedly manifest in marvelous success, with a dignified price to pay (except I don’t expect any women to die in the making of my c-c-crrr-aft.)  02 20 13_5417_edited-1


Hebrews 11:1  Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


About found4sure

I like to write. I think too much!
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One Response to 007

  1. alo0507 says:

    I’m excited to see your craft!

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