02 22 13_5426_edited-1I had the privilege of attending a Daryl Hall and John Oates concert tonight with two of my long-time girlfriends.  Some things truly do get better with age.  As for the concert, the musicianship, the vocals, and the performance were top notch, although concerts in my youth were alot LONGER!  We were home by 9:45 and the concert started at 8:00, but it was probably best to give us all plenty of time to get home and ice down.  My shoulder and an arthritic knuckle are throbbing from clapping.  That’s a first, hurting from clapping.  I will probably also be sore tomorrow from swaying to the music.

photo by TeriGorecki

photo by TeriGorecki

Seriously, those two had hit after hit.  You Make My Dreams, I Can’t Go For That, Out of Touch, Sara Smile, Rich Girl, Maneater, Private Eyes, Say It Isn’t So, Kiss on My List are the ones I remember from tonight’s show. The girls enjoyed making a new memory to reminisce about in the years to come.  What FUN!



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