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I was fortunate to receive a slideshow of photos from my friends’ recent trip to Hawaii.  What an environment!  I am in awe of the many comforting aspects I recognize in the surroundings there; abundant beauty for the eye to … Continue reading

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Baked Cheetos, I can’t eat just 34, which is the calculated serving so I will just go ahead and record 1 1/2 servings in my PointsPlus Tracker.  What is the secret ingredient that bewitches our taste buds and blocks the … Continue reading

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Did you know that there is a medical diagnosis called Broken Heart Syndrome?  We have all heard the term, “died of a broken heart.”  I always imagined that to be more of a withering away of the heart but it … Continue reading

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Shopping for a wedding dress for your “baby girl” is a one time event that seemed surreal today.  It is suddenly hard to grasp the reality that she is old enough to decide to marry.  There were moments today of … Continue reading

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I am not sure why Olive Garden serves a party of two three breadsticks, but it likely involves a hired study of patrons’ eating habits.  Regardless, there are usually more where the first batch came from if you want to … Continue reading

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Yes, dogs experience melancholy.  For days Sadie was moping and looking at me with imploring eyes.  No, I hadn’t seen her precious “bally” in two days.  Her cousins had visited and God forbid one of them had found it and … Continue reading

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I enjoyed preparing the meal today even though my counter space is currently reduced by 80%.  I thought of my sister-in-law’s old kitchen and considered that I still had more workspace than she endured for 35 years!  She now has … Continue reading

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