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Lord, through my weakness You’ve made me see the all sufficient grace of Thee. Through the power of Your Love and the grace therein I reckon myself crucified to the power of sin. Advertisements

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The dynamics of life are ever changing and the recent loss of a life has impacted many. My dentist of thirty-five plus years has left the sufferings of cancer behind him. Dr. Klenotic was a kind man and a gentle … Continue reading

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At my eye exam the doctor reminded me several times to open my eyes wide.  The problem is, there is so much extra skin on my eyelid these days!  If I exaggerated the movement, he said, “good, good.”  When I … Continue reading

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I had 20/15 vision until Ocular Shingles reeked havoc a few years ago. Inflammation caused some corneal scarring and vision loss leaving one eye with astigmatism and night flares, far out man! I actually did not realize the degree of … Continue reading

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I had to laugh when we discovered at C’s 6 month check-up that his cardiologist was 2 years old when we were married 31 years ago today. About the only thing that hasn’t changed from our young anticipation of our … Continue reading

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This blog today is a sharing of my bible study.  I love the way God’s word cuts to the quick and then hugs with comfort of grace.  AHH, the love of a Father! Communication does not begin and end with … Continue reading

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My grandma asked me today if I am making corned beef tomorrow.  I told her that if she hadn’t brought up corned beef I’d have forgotten it was St. Patrick’s Day.  That day has never really been a holiday I … Continue reading

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