Submit your CA2 then review your CA35’s.  Once the initial CA2 is received you will be assigned an FECA file number.  When the CA20 is submitted to the DOL/OWCP from your MD at the HMO with your ICD9 code, your claim will be submitted for review.  While awaiting adjudication, you may elect to use AL, SL, or LWOP.  Make sure you file a 3971 with your election indicated every PP.  After every visit to your MD at the HMO you must present a current CA17 to your supervisor.  You may check the status on the OWCP’s CQS which is available on the ACS-DOL web portal. mindboggling

When the CA20 with the proper ICD9 code is accepted you will receive a letter.  Effective the date of the letter you must convert to LWOP-IOD and submit a CA7 to HRM for compensation.  If you plan to pursue LBB then a CA7a and CA7b will also be required.  For FERS employees, no contributions will be made to the TSP during the LWOP computed for LBB.  Send all required forms via FAX to the CM and they will forward them to the ASC.  After calculations are made you will receive a CA1208.

In the meantime you may submit form OWCP 957 for travel reimbursement.

Good Luck.


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