I had lunch with Grandma today.  She has been such a blessing to many.  She is tired a lot but she still enjoys phone calls, visitors, listening to Indians baseball, Tennessee Ernie Ford, The Survivors, the warm fireplace, getting her hair done, listening to books on cd, and when it’s warmer, listening to the birds.

grandmarestsShe likes it when I take my afternoon siesta on her couch.  This was my view of her from that vantage, enjoying her siesta.  Grandma has a good system with the walker and the three-legged cane and she’s so cute getting around (that walker was a great inheritance!)  E. and E. are there morning, noon, and night to look after her needs.  She remembers better than I do, although you have to remind her, if she balks at any of your effort to help with something she can’t do, that she aided so many in her life, and gladly.   That gets her every time:)  At times she doubts her importance, but God is faithful to shore us up in the truth of His purposes and promises, so she gracefully accepts that she lives on because that is God’s will.   She’s approaching her 98th birthday.

I love her very much and I know I speak for many.


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One Response to MATRIARCH

  1. akeepingroom says:

    Such a beautiful glimpse if life. Thanks.:)

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