The dynamics of life are ever changing and the recent loss of a life has impacted many. My dentist of thirty-five plus years has left the sufferings of cancer behind him. Dr. Klenotic was a kind man and a gentle dentist. He took over the practice of my childhood dentist, Dr. Jones, who toughened us up while we were young to dentistry sans novocaine. Dr. KlenoticI recall first seeing Dr. Klenotic passing by Room 1, the one with the mural on the wall that remains to this day, as he began seeing patients down the hall.  I was fearful to have a stranger poking at my teeth and gums, but my fear was short lived.  Despite getting to used to having a dentist operating from the left side, every other aspect of his mannerism was positive and pleasant.

After years establishing a rapport we shared a few moments of laughter in light of not so nice circumstances.  In one emergency appointment he was to repair a lost silver filling.  In the parking lot I came across a metallic stone, about the size of a small fingernail, and I placed it onto his tray proclaiming, “I found the filling.”  I’ll never forget his surprised expression, as he contemplated what he was seeing.  I know he got me back when my mouth was full of cotton and a metal band over a tooth and he set the timer and said, “now, you must keep your mouth open until I get back, I’ve set the timer for twenty minutes.”  Gosh, I’m going to miss you Dr. Klenotic!  I am going to miss your sensible dentistry and your kind accommodating heart.

My heart goes out to Terry, his dental hygienist and devoted sidekick.  The two of them have been the dynamic duo for so long, and I know a lot must be on her shoulders in these days of recent grief and uncertainty.

Dr. Klenotic also leaves behind his wife and three children.  Grace and peace to you all in the eternal vision of life everlasting found only in the grace of our loving Lord.



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