Stormy Translation

Today I chose to follow the daily prompt for NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) and selected a poem in another language to “translate” myself.  The Dutch poem is written by Eva Gerlach and the official translation by John Irons is included below.

Original Language
De drijvende wind
Wakker omdat een storm
groef in het dak. Aan kwam jagen, zijn blinde gezicht
kneusde, nagels stak onder
kieren waaronder wij: dik
van slaap, te zwaar om meegenomen, weg
gewaaid te worden samen. Hoorden een opwaarts
gieren of het huis werd leeggezogen,
ramen schoten open, brieven stoven
sjirpend de nacht in. Al het verwrikbare gleed
van onze levens, een twee verlies! – kijk ons,
kaal als de grond. Tussen minstens en niets was het dak nog
even een vlies. Het begon

Robin’s Translation
Surviving the Storm
It comes with dark.
Without warning, blinded by night’s
Percussion, pounding the march
Fierce winds repress: under
the cloud, to stir all inhabitants, with
no power and weaker within. Humbled in
letting go of the worthless possessions
that bind to peril, grief stricken
but not hopeless. In the new freedom of
letting go there is great joy! Look on,
comrades of trial. These sufferings of life will
not last forever.
Hold fast to joy. He comes!

Actual Translation
Woke up at a gale digging
into the roof. Charging, bashing its unseeing
face, clawing nails under
chinks, us beneath: heady
with sleep, too leaden to be swept off, be
whisked away together. Heard a rising
shriek as if the house might be sucked bone-dry,
windows thrown open, letters
blown chirping into the night. All the wrenchable slipped
from our lives, one two all gone! – look at us
bare as the ground. Twixt least and nothing the roof was still
briefly a skin. It began

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