I was walking, taking long strides to escape the traffic
of my well traveled street.
I hoped to walk away a headache but it throbbed with
an accelerating heart rate.
Maybe I left my common sense at home with the dogs.

The air is heavy now with the fragrance of spring.
The smells of other walks are released with each step.
I see those walks merging to this one
and it becomes a life walk.
People are passing by, so many different lives….

The breeze is nice and the sun is soothing.
I am leaving a trail of concerns as I go.
“No sense carrying around such a heavy load.”
I heard you whisper that on the big hill.
I thought I was alone, but You are walking with me.
It is comforting when I take that to heart.

NaPoWriMo Day 18


About found4sure

I like to write. I think too much!
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