Love Me Tender


I am thankful for doggy love!
Doggy love greets you at the door
(with enthusiasm)
is eager to please
(most of the time)
wants to kiss
(dog germs, blek)
loves petting time
enjoys a good romp in the yard
(or gallop)
needs to be needed
(needy needing needer)
enjoys sharing a meal
(no people food)
likes to snuggle in bed
(is it hot in here)
enjoys being groomed
(getting groomed, not so much)
always up for a swim
(don’t shake on me)
enjoys a brisk walk
(between mailboxes)
Doggy love is a gift from God
(because He understands)


About found4sure

I like to write. I think too much!
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One Response to Love Me Tender

  1. Lynnae Seeley says:

    So very well said Robin – you bring smiles to me and a tug at my heart with your writing. Keep up the good work. Love you

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