Dog Days


Some days I would not mind being a dog,
wake up and go outside to pee,
then come back inside where breakfast is served
then it’s back outside for some serious investigation
and other stuff.
At naptime, back inside you go,
unless it’s a sunny day and you just want to nap in the yard.
If it’s cool you may find a sunny spot on the floor
or just curl up in a chair.
Might as well sneak upstairs to see if the bedroom door is unlatched.
One in seven mornings a headbutt gains you entry for napping in luxury.
If you are lucky it might be a spa day with bathing and a new “do”
but every day there will be cuddles and rubs.
You just nestle yourself into a leg and those hands begin.
If you stay still you can be petted for a longggggg time because you are soft to touch.
Another trip outside and maybe a walk.
Dinner is served promptly at 5.
Outside again and some playtime.
There are always more hugs and rubs before you turn in for the night.
Ruff life.


About found4sure

I like to write. I think too much!
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