Paper Coffin

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Just bury me in papers
when I keel over dead.
I have not mastered papers,
I have stacks of them unread.

I’ve heard about a discipline
to handle them but once,
but my desk evaluation
has rendered me a dunce.

Assigned a proper block of time
to sort, then pay, and file
all the wood pulp madness
would be handled for awhile.

Just until the mail comes
with more future bills to pay,
and suppliers to investigate,
but there isn’t time today.

There are piles of the kids’ mail,
I could just return to sender.
There are line of credit offers
from nearly every lender.

It’s not like you can toss them
directly in the trash,
these must be made illegible
to protect ID and cash.

Laundry, housework, cooking,
shopping, paying every bill…..
Bury me in papers
is now written in my will.

©robin, 2013


About found4sure

I like to write. I think too much!
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2 Responses to Paper Coffin

  1. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] This is a really cool poem.

  2. Lynnae Seeley says:

    This one is soooo appropoe (?) to most of us. You are sooo good at writing your thoughts in poetry. Love it

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