Can you even speak a syllable of truth?
Is there a speck of clarity in your mind’s eye?
Are you the center of your universe,
or are you shackled someplace inside?

Are there moments to dream of freedom,
or is every breath of time a plan,
a quest to feed the monster
that controls you, its front man.

You breath insanity into your blood
and it roots inside your brain.
You shoot yourself countless times
through needle pricks to your vein.

The only ones that love you
forgive you before you’re clean
and aid the villain that clasps your neck
by bridging the gap in between.

Divine intervention is the ray of hope
that seeks the lost one and saves,
delivering from dark dungeon torture
to sober life or early grave.

©robin, 2013


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About found4sure

I like to write. I think too much!
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3 Responses to Addict

  1. amylong1933 says:

    This made me cry, thank you…I’m a recovering heroin addict, I know I’ve hurt many people, I feel it everyday, I lost so many people too, I lost six good friends in just under 7 months, they all died from the disease of addiction, 4 of them I grew up with and knew my whole life, 2 I met while I was in active addiction, one committed suicide and the other overdosed. I hate this disease, it’s a fight everyday to stay clean but it’s worth it, there’s a better way….and no I did not dream while I was using, I couldn’t see past where I was going to get my next fix, addiction steals everything from us. You are no longer talking to the person you knew, you are talking to the disease until they reach out for help and are sick of it all. Thank you so much, this is a beautiful post….

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