Kindly Hard

I’ve seen the way they love you.
They love you kindly hard.
It hugs and smacks you at the same time.

It appears their self loathing
has grabbed your wrist
to bounce you along their troubled path.

Somewhere in the journey
when their circuitry destabilized
you became a safe haven and a target.

Your impulse is to recoil,
your instinct to withdraw your love,
but love won’t let you, so you suffer the blows.

Your quiet calm resolve
may well be a balm for their pain,
and this purpose eases yours.

Love, as God defines it,
reveals us all incapable
outside of the measure He has poured out within.

This is the realm that holds you up,
that nudges you towards eternity
and through the fulfillment of suffering.


About found4sure

I like to write. I think too much!
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