Rust in Peace

It’s a beautiful morning,
sunshine, breeze,
butterflies, and honey bees.

I just need to keep it stripped
down to the basics.
Don’t let any unpleasant circumstance
filter into natural wonder of nature
and the pure gift of breath.

The hummingbirds aren’t fretting
over their day’s labors to eat
but they fly their course and relish
God’s provision.

Cars will keep rusting,
failing e-check,
burning dollars,
blowing carbons,
luxury’s cost.

All the luxury is slowly
and steadily decaying,
for it isn’t given to man
to create an eternal thing.

No, every good gift
is from God above,
with unfailing love
and no reductions.


About found4sure

I like to write. I think too much!
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3 Responses to Rust in Peace

  1. I liked the start of your poem very much, especially the second stanza because it reminded me very much of Richard Feynman and how he said scientists look at nature. Beautiful.

  2. akeepingroom says:

    Truth and creativity all together. Love it!

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