He Comes

I shouldn’t ever be afraid
but unbelief still gives me willies.

Then I can see the Shepherd
coming to fetch the one that has
strayed from His side.

It happens so quickly,
I wander off down a thought
and bam, I’m in some dark scary place.

Then, as soon as I catch sight
of that loving face,
I’m restored to the realm of grace.

He created me, a stubborn one,
prone to amble off,
yet striving to enter rest.

Gosh, you’d think endless
deliverance would persuade a soul
that God is faithful, no fear.

Yes, my soul is convinced.
No worldly news can harm it,
no thunder clap of pain
will frighten me forever.

My Deliverer comes for me.


About found4sure

I like to write. I think too much!
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1 Response to He Comes

  1. lynnaeseeley says:

    Wow, you just described me to a T

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