Soft Needles


In a padded forest of pine
I laid out all that was mine
and let go of choices
wrong or right
and the heavy load
that wound me tight
and took upon myself some rest
reflecting on the ways I’m blessed.

In the needle bed I weighed
the burden all my worry made
and in the piney timber wood
accepted humble while I could
and smiled as I recognized
all the ways my mind had tried
to change the course of God’s own plan
according to the thoughts of man.

Then an old familiar song
came through the branches clear and strong
the voices of my children grew
“I’ll cast all of my cares on you,
I’ll lay my burdens down at your feet.”
those tender lyrics tasted sweet
and the peace of God was restored again
and I left the forest renewed.  Amen.

robin, 2013


About found4sure

I like to write. I think too much!
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