Broken Body

Arthr, you needn’t greet me every morning, it’s rude!
Your yelling with every step of descent is annoying,
It reverberates in the stairwell and wakes the dogs.

Arthr, you shouldn’t try to trip me on my walks, it’s mean!
You yell and I nearly lose my footing on the path.
For a snake or other vermin I’ll tumble, not for you!

Arthr, you should leave me alone when I’m resting, you pest!
Everyone needs a moment of peace to stay hopeful,
you want me down-trodden all the time, shut up!

Arthr, aging, decaying have given you a foothold, beware!
A great transformation awaits me and you are not invited.
I will lay you off one day and skip into eternity pain free.


About found4sure

I like to write. I think too much!
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1 Response to Broken Body

  1. Amen! How awesome it will be to kiss pain goodbye in heaven!

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