Chilly Morning


I long to focus on this day,
not in fear of what tomorrow brings.
A lifetime of Your faithfulness
and yet anxiety can still be seen
in my reflection on the gentle water.

Lower than the birds who
sing their morning praise with thanks,
I awake with quivering song
to the beat of knocking knees
until You gently push me in the calm water.

Love alone baptizes me
securely in the attributes of You,
my true Treasure that glistens
on the inside, comforting my soul
and separating me from the chill of life.

Now let me fly up with the sparrow,
with lightness of being,
immersed in the ripples of grace
that swaddle and soothe me
when I am my own worst enemy.

robin, 2013


About found4sure

I like to write. I think too much!
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