I mourn, FATHER, that I turn away my eyes
and follow the unwise in their transgression.

I long, FATHER, to lay down at Your feet,
these alien days complete and old things new.

I mourn, FATHER, that I seek the human embrace, yet I know of Your intimate ways.  How can I forsake You?

I ask, FATHER, is there trust for a stubborn child who finds herself time and again beguiled and bowing to idols?

I know, FATHER, the sin that I see inside
is keeping my heart from the way of pride, that I will praise You.

I’ve learned, FATHER, that pain finds me by Your side,
although in foolishness I have tried to go my own way.

I hope, FATHER, in CHRIST, my life, alone, for to me His obedience of Love has show Thy Love abounding!

I remember, FATHER, that I know nothing as I ought, and what I know surpasses what I thought.  I want to trust You!

I praise, FATHER, CHRIST, the Son of Thee,
who bought back my soul from captivity, the place where death reigns.

I rest, FATHER, in Thy righteous sovereign hand,
that leads me by faith to the promised land where I have peace everlasting!

I exult You, FATHER.  You surround me with grace,
restoring my trust to its rightful place; Your mercy, my solace!!!

robin seeley, 1993


About found4sure

I like to write. I think too much!
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