Sleep, remembering the love
shared with many dear ones gone before.

Sleep, after the countless hours
you have given all you had.

Sleep, after the nurture
you’ve delivered in the world.

Sleep, from investing yourself
so you would have to give.

Sleep, yet know there’s purpose
in your every breath.

Sleep, the ninety-eight plus years
have left you deserving.

Sleep, and when you wake feel loved,
and know that we know we are.

Because your love has flowed so freely
from your heart since our births.

God has given us a lesson on love
in you.

Sleep Grandma, with peace while you’re living
because we go from peace to peace.

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White on White

Whitewashed roadways, sodium chloride crush,
bad for my blood pressure.
Every auto is winter white.
Veils of fine snow mist
dance across the frosted ground,
sweeping up into grey white skies
and fluttering down to find the space
between hat and scarf.
Oh to see a cardinal in an evergreen today.

robin, 2014

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Rising Sun

Like fire in the east exploding,
orange and pink rise up and fly,
casting purple grey their shadow
westward in the morning sky.
Billowing clouds ignite in splendor.
God has ordered the sun to rise.
It’s another day God’s glory
is revealed in the skies.

robin, 1997

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The early morning delivers it’s gift;
quiet, peaceful, noiseless calm.

There is a time for rest and stillness.

God’s gifts are massive realms
delivered in custom packages
at the perfect time.

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Two deer cross on the hill’s crest ahead.
Dark Bambi shadows against the morning grey,
have me thankful in this new day
that I and my car were spared that drama!

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I mourn, FATHER, that I turn away my eyes
and follow the unwise in their transgression.

I long, FATHER, to lay down at Your feet,
these alien days complete and old things new.

I mourn, FATHER, that I seek the human embrace, yet I know of Your intimate ways.  How can I forsake You?

I ask, FATHER, is there trust for a stubborn child who finds herself time and again beguiled and bowing to idols?

I know, FATHER, the sin that I see inside
is keeping my heart from the way of pride, that I will praise You.

I’ve learned, FATHER, that pain finds me by Your side,
although in foolishness I have tried to go my own way.

I hope, FATHER, in CHRIST, my life, alone, for to me His obedience of Love has show Thy Love abounding!

I remember, FATHER, that I know nothing as I ought, and what I know surpasses what I thought.  I want to trust You!

I praise, FATHER, CHRIST, the Son of Thee,
who bought back my soul from captivity, the place where death reigns.

I rest, FATHER, in Thy righteous sovereign hand,
that leads me by faith to the promised land where I have peace everlasting!

I exult You, FATHER.  You surround me with grace,
restoring my trust to its rightful place; Your mercy, my solace!!!

robin seeley, 1993

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Settle Into Peace

Keep me settled.

Here I stand in The Lord, beloved.
My grip opens and the sum of my fear
is carried off
on thanksgiving’s wings.

Thanksgiving for boundless grace,
for sanctification amidst unrighteousness,
for favor, despite sin dwelling inside.

Now is a time to know
that peace will guard
my heart and thoughts
in Christ Jesus.

It is a time to rest in peace
while yet alive.

robin seeley, 2013

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