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Morning Joy

Morning… looking out the east window over years of brush grown wild and through the carefully placed trees along two neighbors’ driveways the early autumn landscape frames a miniature arched space illumined by the rising sun through which I see … Continue reading

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It was a lovely morning for walking, greener meadows than August’s usual fare, yet all along the path near the wooded groves fallen leaves padded my steps with autumn flare. The fresh mowed grass along the trail’s edge was fragrant … Continue reading

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My doggy does yoga but not like me she doesn’t know asanas like “half-moon” or “tree.” My doggy gives the “down dog” a whole new flair and her yoga makes me smile ’cause she does it unaware. robin, 2013

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Dog Days

Some days I would not mind being a dog, wake up and go outside to pee, then come back inside where breakfast is served then it’s back outside for some serious investigation and other stuff. At naptime, back inside you … Continue reading

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Love Me Tender

I am thankful for doggy love! Doggy love greets you at the door (with enthusiasm) is eager to please (most of the time) wants to kiss (dog germs, blek) loves petting time (ya-ya-ya) enjoys a good romp in the yard … Continue reading

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Yes, dogs experience melancholy.  For days Sadie was moping and looking at me with imploring eyes.  No, I hadn’t seen her precious “bally” in two days.  Her cousins had visited and God forbid one of them had found it and … Continue reading

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Presenting my Sadie-Sades.  She is such a character.  She nestled her head into my neck the first time I held her and we were bound.  As a young pup she had little stuffed animals (squirrelys to her) that she would … Continue reading

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