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My doggy does yoga but not like me she doesn’t know asanas like “half-moon” or “tree.” My doggy gives the “down dog” a whole new flair and her yoga makes me smile ’cause she does it unaware. robin, 2013 Advertisements

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Forget me Not

I guess I’m a list girl in a couple of ways. They aid my memory and order my days. Life has much detail, it spins me around. I can’t get my footing ’til I am unwound. My list, my foundation … Continue reading

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Dog Days

Some days I would not mind being a dog, wake up and go outside to pee, then come back inside where breakfast is served then it’s back outside for some serious investigation and other stuff. At naptime, back inside you … Continue reading

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Sometimes what we think we need is… a refreshment ~ out with the stagnant stale. a kind word ~ they go straight to the heart. a common ground ~ a springboard to conversation. a little more money ~ might be … Continue reading

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quieting hours a warm fire crackles lingering laughter of children a dog barks at a new sound an owl shushes him the smoke swirls the gaze upward to a distant star there beyond the pine bough in the big sky … Continue reading

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let it rest. close your eyes. stretch your toes wide and set them out, anchors. your feet touch down and meld with the earth. your shins are strong and their might steadies you. your knees are neutral but your thighs … Continue reading

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Awestruck Tickled Pink Lots of Smiles Loving Help of Daughters Lots of Lists Caring Ones Peaceful Comfort God’s Wings Love of Friends New Mercy I See Throne of Grace Faithful Shepherd Solace

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